Does the Wonder Core Smart Work?

The Wonder Smart Review

This Wonder Core Smart Review refers to both the original wonder Core Smart and it’s newer version the Wonder Core 2.

What is the Wonder Core Smart?

The Wonder Core Smart is an adjustable tension piece of fitness equipment designed to help people perform exercises such as:

  • Resistance level settings and exercises
    1. Sit-ups/Crunches
    2. Push-ups
    3. Bridge
    4. Scissor Kicks
    5. Forearm/Biceps
    6. Triceps
    7. Ab Tucks
    8. Bicycling

wonder core smart

The claimed benefits of the dual resistance system is that it works your muscles all the way up and all the way down. This should help with what weight lifters call “push and pull” to some extent. Personally, I’ve found the tension levels to be too slight for any long term workout plans where achieving maximum results is the goal. I am sure it will work for some people, but I found it to just be too light and not enough resistance to get real results.

The truth of the matter is that all of the exercises that the Wonder Core claims to work our muscles all the way up then all the way down do that on their own without the need for equipment. Take push-ups for example. When you are in the prone position, you bend your elbows to lower yourself down. The natural weight of your body is slowly moved down closer to the floor and tension in your muscles is built. The same goes when you press the floor and move yourself back to the top of the move. It’s not rocket science and these exercises at least don’t need any sort of equipment to do the job.

I would keep your money in your wallet and pass this piece of equipment by. I suppose that if you have trouble performing these exercises alone, then this might help assist you to some degree. Either way you aren’t going to experience noticeable results. Maybe sore arms and core at the beginning, but for these kinds of exercises diet will deliver far more results than the Wonder Core Smart or Wonder Core Smart 2.